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16-year-old girl charged in cyber threat investigation at Elliot Lake high school

Provincial police have charged a 16-year-old girl in connection with a cyber threat investigation at a high school in Elliot Lake, Ont. …read more

Source:: Toronto Star


Up to 700 in Northern Ontario community expected to leave as flood nears

The second phase of the evacuation of Kashechewan, Ont., takes place today as between 600 and 700 people are expected to leave the First Nations community for Ottawa and Cornwall, Ont., as a flood nears. …read more

Source:: CBC News, Canada


Quebec women earned right to vote 75 years ago today

Seventy-five years after Quebec women won the right to vote — a movement opposed by people like politician Henri Bourassa, who once warned the right to vote would turn women into “veritable women-men” — the province has renamed its equality prize after suffrage movement leader Thérèse Casgrain. …read more

Source:: CBC News, Canada


Please don’t hate me, I’m a senior

The older I get, the more I am enjoying my new privileges – and they keep on coming …read more

Source:: The Globe And Mail, Debate


Conrad Black: The pacifism of fools

It is hard to avoid the sinking feeling that former NDP federal secretary and national campaign chairman Gerald Caplan was speaking for his party and its current leader, Thomas Mulcair, in the Globe and Mail on April 17. Caplan wrote that our only problem with Muslim terrorists is their objection to America’s dispute with Saddam Hussein, after he seized Kuwait in 1990, was expelled from it, and defied 17 United Nations Security Council resolutions in …read more

Source:: Conrad Black, National Post


Halifax dog poop cleaning companies taking care of business

An 18-year-old entrepreneurial Cole Harbour student is hoping to earn big bucks doing the job no one likes to do: picking up dog poop. …read more

Source:: CBC News, Canada


Q & A with Federal Health Minister on Vancouver's marijuana dispensaries

The City of Vancouver’s plan to regulate marijuana dispensaries across the city has drawn criticism from Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose. …read more

Source:: CBC News, Canada


A killer's mother knows the pain facing Steven O'Shaughnessy's family

Shirley Wourms knows the pain Steven O’Shaughnessy’s family is facing. Wourm’s son killed his wife and child and committed suicide in 2012. O’Shaughnessy is the man identified by police as having killed Latasha Gosling and three of her children in Tisdale, Sask., before committing suicide. …read more

Source:: CBC News, Canada


The lost art of political persuasion

Intuition, ideas and passion used to matter. Now, data analytics aims to turn all politicians into robots …read more

Source:: The Globe And Mail, Debate


From the tragedy of Gallipoli, a lasting friendship

One hundred years later, the battle is a symbol of enduring peace between the nations involved …read more

Source:: The Globe And Mail, Debate


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