Catch a shark during the food fishery? Be ready to release it

Photos and videos are all over social media of sharks being caught during the Newfoundland and Labrador recreational fishery, and they’re being used as a helpful tool for researchers. …read more

Source:: CBC News, Canada


Stricter train handbrake rules get Transport Canada OK

Transport Canada has approved rules intended to reduce the risk of runaway trains in response to the deadly 2013 derailment in Lac-Mégantic, Que. …read more

Source:: CBC News, Canada


Pellet-gun attacker ambushing victims in Abbotsford, B.C.

Police in Abbotsford, B.C., have released two photographs and a map in their investigation of 15 reported pellet-gun attacks that have left nine people injured. …read more

Source:: CBC News, Canada


Health Canada says cosmetic contact lenses to be licensed as corrective lenses are

Risk of severe corneal infection related to lens wear is 12.5 times higher for cosmetic lenses than it is for corrective contacts, Health Canada reports. Regulations will come into effect next July. …read more

Source:: Toronto Star


What kind of force for global peace does the NDP want Canada to be?

In an interview with Maclean’s earlier this month, NDP leader Tom Mulcair was asked if the Islamic State jihadist group can be defeated without firing a shot or dropping a bomb.
Mulcair didn’t directly answer the question. Instead, he voiced the ahistorical and myopic falsehood that everything horrible befalling Iraq and Syria stems from the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq 12 years ago. Then he repeated a variation of something he’s said before: “This is not Canada’s …read more



Albertans among the fattest Canadians, report indicates

Albertans are leading the country when it comes to being obese or overweight, according to a new report. The greatest incidence of obesity was in men, people between ages 45 and 64 and residents in the northern part of the province. …read more

Source:: CBC News, Canada


Important moments in Canadian election debate history

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, left to right, NDP Leader Jack Layton, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe exchange handshakes as they arrive to the English language federal election debate in Ottawa Ont., on Tuesday, April 12, 2011. (Adrian Wyld/CP)
Live television holds nearly infinite possibilities. Beyond the ideas and promises, not to mention the hundreds of candidates who actually contest each of more than 300 separate ridings, politics in this country is …read more



Two bodies found in New Zealand avalanche debris are missing Canadians

Bodies of Louis-Vincent Lessard and Etienne Lemieux, both aged 23, recovered some 350 metres below the Kepler Track, a well known hiking trek on the South Island, amid the avalanche debris. …read more

Source:: Toronto Star


The Maclean’s debate is on Aug. 6. Here’s why it matters.

“Yeah, the campaign started a long time ago,” Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau told Maclean’s in August 2014. NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair agreed, a few weeks later, in his own interview with Maclean’s: “Everything that the government’s going to be doing for the next year, everything we’re going to be doing as the Opposition, has one objective in mind: forming the government.” Prime Minister Stephen Harper didn’t give us an interview last autumn, but the meticulous …read more



The top economic indicators to watch before October’s election

With the talk of a possible recession and a federal budget that may have moved from surplus to deficit, voters and pundits will be paying close attention to the Canadian economy between now and October 19th. But with so many releases each month, what in particular should they be watching? They could simply view Statistics Canada’s running summary of the latest economic data or StatCan’s release schedule, though they do not necessarily reflect which series …read more



KFC Has Announced A Bluetooth-Powered Fried Chicken Bucket That Prints Polaroids

Just when you think you’ve seen it all.

To celebrate KFC’s 60th anniversary, apparently, KFC Canada is releasing a polaroid printer called…

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…The Memories Bucket.

KFC Canada / Via Facebook: KFCCanada

It’s supposedly a bluetooth powered polaroid printer attached to the bottom of a bucket of fried chicken.

KFC Canada / Via Facebook: KFCCanada

…read more

Source:: Buzzfeed Canada


British Airways flight makes emergency landing in Montreal

Aviation website reports the flight, en route from Las Vegas to London, landed safety and the passengers have been taken off. …read more

Source:: Toronto Star


Delta 9, Manitoba medical marijuana facility, offers glimpse inside

A government-approved marijuana grower in Winnipeg shows CBC News how his business operates from the inside. …read more

Source:: CBC News, Canada


Batman’s Batmobile trouble leaves traffic chaos on Ontario highway

Drivers returning from Ontario’s cottage country clogged Highway 401 near Napanee on Sunday evening as they watched Batman, in his Batsuit, working on his Batmobile. …read more

Source:: Toronto Star


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